Here are some poems I wrote, who knows why because I don't know very much about poetry and I suck at it.  But then that's just my opinion.  You can read these and form an opinion of them for yourself.  I write poems whenever I feel like it, like if I see something particularly "poetic" while walking home from school, or sometimes if I have a weird dream and I want to write about it.  So anyway, they're off to the right over there.  Um...enjoy?  If that's possible.
Human Sacrifices: a poem I wrote about the A-bomb, also the first poem I wrote this year

Dying Snake: um, this one is weird.  It's about something I saw on the way home from school one day.

Speculations: I wrote this for school, that's why it sucks.

Bulbasaur: yes, this is a Pokemon poem.  It's lame too, as is my Dratini poem...

Legendary: this is my lame poem about Dratini.  Bleh.  It's basically just prose broken up into lines.

Sick Day: a poem about this weekend when I was really sick.  Don't worry, it's not too gross.

Trust Me, You Don't: part of a pair of poems that I'm writing; this is the more depressing one.

Sacred?: based on something I saw when I went to Indonesia five years ago...this is kinda interesting.

Going Nowhere: a short but meaningful little haiku that I think is cool, you might not get it though...

Accursed Fog: based on a real experience.  I think my poetry is improving a lot; this is so much better than the very first one.

Pilgrimage: Ooh, some very poetic language in here, kinda Shakespeare-ish.  Also based on a real experience...hehe.

Pity Party: Don't like.  Too depressing.  I wrote this when I was in a really lousy mood, and I didn't quite finish it.

Common Ground: Written on the same day as Pity Party, if you can believe that.  What can I say, it was that time of the month. ^-^ I like this one much better.
Recount: Not exactly a poem, it's actually a song parody.  A political song parody, to the tune of SR17's "Right Now".